North Clinic offers Bone Density - DEXA Scans at our Center for Women's Health office. DEXA (Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry) is a scan used to measure bone density. The DEXA scan is a safe, easy screening test for osteoporosis that samples the density of bones at multiple sites (hip and lumbar spine). It can detect osteoporosis before a fracture happens, can predict one's chances of fracturing bones in the future and can monitor the effects of treatment of osteoporosis.

A Bone Density scan is indicated for all postmenopausal women under age 60 who have multiple risks for osteoporosis such as: small body frame, low calcium intake, sedentary lifestyle or smoking. It is also recommended for all women over age 65 regardless of additional risk factors, plus men and women who have taken anti-seizure medications or Prednisone for prolonged period of time.

Bone Density scans are a very simple and painless procedure that requires only a few minutes of your time. Routine views are taken of your hip and lower back. If you wear loose fitting clothing with no zippers, you will not need to undress for the procedure.

Preparation: Do NOT take calcium supplements 24 hours prior to the exam.
Your results will be given to you at the time of your exam.

The results will also be sent to your provider.

DEXA Scan Scheduling
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