Your hearing is a vital sensory function.  It is an essential part of your ability to be active, engaged, aware and sharp each day.  At North Clinic, we focus on total health of our patients.  Routine identification and treatment of hearing problems is a natural part of our quality health care.

Comprehensive hearing care is provided onsite in our clinics, where our patients come for all their medical care.  Our hearing program provides the same standard of excellence that you have come to know and expect from us.

Part of Every Complete Exam 

Basic hearing assessment is available for every patient.  A simple hearing screening (30-60 seconds) is part of the normal workup before you see your provider.  For patients who need a more in-depth test, comprehensive exams are provided as an extension of your complete annual physical. All of these services are included as part of the complete annual care we provide to our patients.  No charge.

The program is open to every adult patient.  If you are dealing with hearing problems yourself or suspect a problem with a family member, please let us know.  We will be happy to schedule a comprehensive exam.


We offer a full menu of hearing-related services performed by licensed clinical staff:

  1. Detailed patient history, physical exam and symptom review
  2. Comprehensive 4-part audiometry
  3. Video otoscopy
  4. Referral for ENT specialty consultation as needed
  5. Hearing Instrument selection and fitting
  6. Hearing Instrument programming and fine-tuning
  7. Cleaning and repair

Hearing Health Screenings are offered at the following locations: 

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